Recent Events

Turkish Rug Presentation

  Discover Turkey Workshop

Rocky Mountain Rug Gallery again hosted the "Turkish Rug" presentation for selected high school teachers across Montana.

Burl Jones

  Burl Jones Showcase

Rocky Mountain Rug Gallery hosted an event showcasing the sculptures by Montana sculptor, Burl Jones.

SLAM Event

  Wedding Photo Shoot

We had a wedding photo session at our Bozeman Grand Ballroom.

SLAM Event

  Artist Portal

Support Local Artists and Musicians (SLAM) is a non-profit founded in Bozeman dedicated to showcasing the artistic talents of Montana residents and educating our community about the arts. SLAM focuses on promoting the arts in Montana in a manner that enriches and involves the community.

The 2013 SLAM Winter Showcase was held in Bozeman, Montana - December 6th & 7th.
Hours of the show are: Friday, 3pm-8pm and Saturday, 11am-8pm.
The location for this event was the second floor of 201 East Main Street, above the Rocky Mountain Rug Gallery in Bozeman, Montana.

* From the SLAM Festivals website